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mormon-family-dinnerThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has produced many outstanding athletes. Brigham Young University is noted for its amazing quarterbacks, but even outside the church-owned schools, many “Mormons” love sports.

The Church teaches its members to obey the Word of Wisdom, a simple health code designed to help church members take care of the body God gave them. It is best known for the “don’ts”-don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. Coffee and tea are also off-limits. However, the Word of Wisdom also tells us what we should eat. It encourages the use of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and did so at a time when most diets were largely meat. Members are taught to eat meat sparingly, but they may eat it. Grain is encouraged also, as the staff of life. It even advises members to go to bed early and arise early.

With such an emphasis on taking care of one of God’s amazing gifts to us, it’s no surprise the Church would be able to produce many outstanding athletes. Following are profiles of a few you may recognize:

Melanie Roach

Peter Vidmar

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